Dried Mandarin Oranges - Narangi

$13.99 CAD


Our delightful Dried Mandarin Oranges are a delicious fusion of tangy zest and natural sweetness. These oranges are sourced from sun-kissed orchards where the finest mandarin oranges grow. Each slice is carefully handpicked and dried to perfection, preserving the vibrant color, tempting aroma, and rich nutrients.

These dried fruits are packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, making them a healthy snack that revitalizes your senses and boosts your well-being. Whether you enjoy them on their own as a guilt-free treat or incorporate them into recipes for a burst of citrusy flavor, our Dried Mandarin Oranges are a versatile delight.

Add these premium oranges to salads, desserts, or savory dishes for a gourmet touch that elevates every bite. Elevate your snacking experience with our Dried Mandarin Oranges and savor the taste of nature's goodness in every delectable slice.

Ingredients: orange, citric acid, sodium metabisulphite, flavor.