Pars Khazar Rice Cooker - Many Sizes

$89.99 CAD

We offer Pars Khazar rice cooker in five different sizes.

Please note: Once the rice cooker has been used, we DO NOT accept returns. Tavazo DOES NOT manufacturer this product and is not responsible for it’s quality.

"Pars Khazar" rice cooker is a High-Quality cookware for making rice. Pars Khazar Rice Cooker can cook the rice in accordance with the taste of the Iranian consumer. The rice cooker is covered with high-quality non-stick Teflon material. Body uses stainless steel. The device uses a high quality timer and thermostat to adjust the different modes of baking food and optimum energy consumption. The pot is made of grade A Teflon. The plastic materials used in this device are hygienic and heat resistant.