Nowruz Egg Sleeves (Butterflies)

$4.99 CAD


Nowruz Egg Sleeves (Butterflies)

Totally new product ! A variety of seven designs of easy to use egg sleeves that make perfect gifts for friends, school mates and family. It is time to be prepare for Nowruz!

Nowruz Eggs create this special holiday spirit. Order your egg sleeves today for your 7 Sin Table! 

There are 7 Egg Sleeves in one Pack.


Net Weight: Aprox 20 g / Pack of 7 Egg Sleeve.




  1. Cut film into the 7 separate sleeves.
    2. Open each sleeve and slip this cylindrical film over a boiled egg.
    3. Place the wrapped egg on a spoon and dip it into boiling water for 3-5 seconds. The film will shrink around the egg.


  1. Store at temperature not exceeding 122F (50° C).
  2. Don’t expose on the sun.
  3. While decorating, children should be supervised by adults.