Elle Celebration Mix Cookies

$49.99 CAD


 *****Please note that this item is extremely delicate. We will do our best to wrap the product so it arrives in a good condition, however we will not refund or exchange if product or box is damaged during shipment. *****


1. Almond short bread cookie ( ملكه بادوم)
With honey,butter, saffron , sliced Almond and flour
2. Persian Marzipan ( توت) with sugar, rose water, Almond powder
3. Baklava ( باقلوا) with three layers of Pistachio, Almond , Saffron and light syrup
4. Caramel slice ( اسلايس كارامل)with thin layers of chocolate, caramel and hazelnut or Almond or walnut
5. Pistachio energy balls( توپك پسته) Mixed of pistachio powder,condensedmilk, Almond powder and coconut powder
6. Persian Date cookie kolompeh with butter, flour and date and walnut and saffron
7. Zomorod with thin layer of pistachio short bread and chocolate and light syrup
8. Russian walnut cookie with caramel or walnu


Weight: approx 800g (±10 g)