Baraka 84% Dark Chocolate

$14.99 CAD


Exquisite 84% Dark Chocolate Bars

Pure Indulgence, Perfectly Wrapped

Indulge in the pure, rich taste of our 84% dark chocolate bars each made from the finest cocoa beans. These small bars are individually wrapped to offer a perfect balance between strong flavours and smooth texture – they make an ideal treat any time of day.

Key Features:

Premium Quality: Made with high-quality cocoa beans for an intense and genuine dark chocolate experience.

Individually Wrapped: To keep them fresh wherever you are, letting you have one on the go or control your portions.

Rich Flavor Profile: These bars contain 84% cocoa so expect nothing less than deep satisfying chocolatey boldness blended with velvety softness.

Perfect Size: Little enough as a quick fix but still big on fulfilling all those yearnings for something sweetly cocoa flavoured.

Gourmet Experience: Perfect for giving away; perfect for sharing – perfect for keeping all to oneself!

Delight In The Details:

More than just a snack our 84% dark chocolate bars will take you places. Be it a moment alone or with company every bite is a trip through layers upon layers of taste complexities ranging from bitter at first but eventually giving way to subtle hints of natural sweetness lingering in your mouth long after the experience itself has ended.

For those who know what they want when it comes to their cocoa fix and even those who don’t these bars provide an escape from mediocrity that should not be missed out on. Let the skillful hands behind this confectionery enthrall you time and time again as each one melts away.

Ingredients: cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar, lecithin, vanillin.