500 gr. Salted Pistachio in Handmade Bag

$33.00 CAD


Salted Pistachio in Handmade Bag


Net Weight: 500g


Ingredients: Pistachio, Salt, Citric Acid


*Design and colour of the handmade bag is based on stock availability 


This pistachio gift bag is 100% hand crafted with Iranian Termeh fabric from Isfahan. It truly will make a perfect gift for any occasion. The Termeh bag is filled with our premium pistachio roasted to perfection. You can be certain that our nuts are roasted daily to ensure freshness and quality. Shop pistachios or other quality nuts online from our store in Toronto. Click HERE to see our dried nuts collection on our site. We carry only the highest quality dried nuts.


Health Benefits of pistachios: 

Pistachios are a very good source of protein. It is the perfect food for those who choose to follow a vegetarian and vegan diet. Pistachio can help weight loss. The high protein and fiber in pistachio will make you feel fuller for a longer period of time and help reducer unhealthy cravings. The fiber in pistachios also helps keeping the gut healthy by managing the good bacteria in the digestive system.

Pistachio helps lower LDL cholesterol ("Bad" cholesterol) in bloodstream. Lowering cholesterol help improve the health's ability to pump blood in the body. Pistachio therefore help improve HDL cholesterol ("good" cholesterol) levels helping improve overall blood lipid profile.