The origin of the Pistachio plant (usually a small tree) can be traced back to Central Asia and the Middle East. It is a member of the cashew family, and its seeds are mostly consumed as food.


It generally grows in the desert, and it is known to survive high saline soil. Research shows that it grows very well when irrigated with saline water (with about 3,000 to 4,000 ppm of soluble salt). Pistachio trees do inadequately in states of high mugginess and are susceptible to establish decay in winter in the event that they get excessive water and the soil isn't free-draining adequately. For proper ripening of the pistachio fruits, it will have to experience extensive hot summers. The most popular type of the Pistachio seed is the Iranian Pistachio, and it is known for its many benefits.


Pistachios can improve your Heart Health

Pistachios have amino acid, L-arginine that helps in dilating the blood that the heart pumps. They also add to heart-healthy fat that helps in averting cardiovascular diseases. Pistachios lower the levels of lipoprotein, thereby changing the manner your blood pressure counters stress.

Aids Diabetes treatment

An Iranian study revealed that the glucose level on some diabetes patients was significantly lowered after consuming pistachio for some time. The study also revealed that; the continuous dietary consumption of Iranian pistachio nuts by diabetes patients, can positively affect their glycemic control, pulse, aggravation, and even weight.

Aids digestion and prevents constipation

The fiber of the Iranian Pistachio aids digestion and prevents constipation. It also acts as a prebiotic, since it is also broken down by the food bacteria during the digestion process. The bacteria's in the gut produce fatty acids when they ferment these fibers, and this can help avert colon cancer.

Weight management

Pistachio offers a lot of benefits to people who want to shed some weight and those who are dieting. It has low saturated fat and high unsaturated fat with low calories and high proteins which makes it very potent in combating excessive weight gain.

Skin care

Pistachio has oils that can help eradicate skin dryness. Dietary admission of Iranian pistachio can help make the skin look fresher and smoother.


Iranian pistachio contains vitamins A, E and other anti-inflammatory properties that make it the best option for reducing swellings in the body.

Boosts immunity

Pistachios have vitamin B6, which helps in the development of the body’s immune system. the continuous dietary consumption of Iranian pistachio nuts can boost the body’s immune system.


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January 21, 2019 — Reza Tavazo